By Bill Gates: Why I’m investing $1 billion of my own money into clean energy research

Originally posted on Quartz:

Last month, during a trip to Europe, I mentioned that I plan to invest $1 billion in clean energy technology over the next five years. This will be a fairly big increase over the investments I am already making, and I am doing it because I believe that the next half-decade will bring many breakthroughs that will help solve climate change. As I argued in this 2010 TED talk, we need to be able to power all sectors of the economy with sources that do not emit any carbon dioxide.

But when it comes to preventing the worst effects of climate change, the investments I make will matter much less than the choices that governments make. In Europe I got to talk about these choices with several political leaders, and in this post I want to share the steps that I encouraged them to take.

I think this issue is especially important…

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An unrepentant US hunter justified her killing of “dangerous” giraffes in Africa

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As the outrage on social media after the killing of the Zimbabwean lion Cecil by an American dentist still rages, the internet has found another target for its fury: Sabrina Corgatelli, a hunter from Idaho who has been posting pictures of animals she killed during a legal hunting trip to Kruger National Park in South Africa.

On her Facebook page, Corgatelli appears with the corpses of an impala, a crocodile, a blue wildebeest, and a kudu, among other trophies. But the picture that has attracted most enraged comments is one in which she poses with a dead giraffe wrapped around her.

“I got a amazing old Giraffe. Such a amazing animal!! I couldn’t be any happier!! My emotion after getting him was a feeling I will never forget!!!” she wrote.

In an interview with the US TV show Today from South Africa, Corgatelli defended herself by saying that everything about her trip was…

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Helping protect endangered sharks

Originally posted on Parks Australia:

Southern Cross University has completed a limited study on behalf of Parks Australia in the Cod Grounds Commonwealth Marine Reserve to give us a better idea of how the reserve and management actions are contributing to protecting this important aggregation site for the east coast population of the critically endangered grey nurse shark. The reserve was first proclaimed in 2007 and is located in Commonwealth waters just south of Port Macquarie, NSW.

The study found preliminary evidence that the conservation benefits of the reserve included enhanced diversity, target fish abundances and grey nurse shark prey densities compared to areas open to fishing outside the reserve. On average 29 per cent greater species richness was found in the reserve compared to the surrounding reef area open to fishing with wrasses, breams, drummers and sharks and rays contributing strongly to this pattern. Four individual grey nurse sharks were observed in the reserve…

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Germany met 78% of its daily energy needs with renewables

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An ideal combination of sunny and stormy weather in different parts of Germany on July 25th allowed the country to meet 78% of its energy needs from wind, solar, and other renewable sources, a new national record.

The previous national record for renewable energy generated in a single day was set in May 2014, when 74% of Germany’s domestic energy needs were met by solar, wind, biomass, and hydro power.

Germany is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% before the year 2050. It’s also trying to cut down on its reliance on nuclear power, which it trades with France.

A blog post from Germany’s Energiewende (energy transition) project explained what made the new record possible: A storm generated high winds in the north, where Germany’s wind turbines are installed; in the south, where its country’s solar panels are located, it was “a relatively sunny day.” Preliminary figures indicate that wind and solar…

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