Holiday: Destination Decided

I’m fairly sure that I have now arrived at a decision as to my destination for my upcoming holiday. I’m fairly sure I’ll be going to Uluru, probably King’s Canyon and also some places around Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. It seems like a fairly good time of the year to head that way.

I also have a date for the holiday and I will be away for two weeks.

More to come as I plan the trip.


2 thoughts on “Holiday: Destination Decided

  1. Hey there Kev,

    Just been looking at your site about Kakadu – thanks for the info.

    My boyfriend and I are planning a first-time-for-both visit to the NT in December to escape the Christmas insanity. Just wondering, do you think us Melbournites will die and wilt under those conditions, seeing the dry season is the time it’s recommended to go?

    • Hi Sue,

      If you are going in December you need to be prepared for very high humidity, lots of rain and hot temperatures. You do get your 40s down south, but you will be surprised by the humidity – it is very oppressive. Be sure you get AC where you stay. It should still be good I think – I want to go back north for the dry season myself. Probably next year for me. Enjoy the trip. 🙂


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