Overfishing: Predator Fish Decline has Led to Surge in Smaller Fish

The following link is to an article on what may at first appearance seem not a major issue. However, upon further consideration, the surge of smaller fish populations around the world due to a decline in larger predator fish species and sharks has growing complications for our oceans.

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Earth Day (April 22): Ideas for Earth Day

The following link is to a page that has a number of ideas and projects on how to celebrate Earth Day, raise awareness on environmental issues and how to take action.

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Bison to Enjoy Increased Protection at Yellowstone

Having been driven to near the point of extinction, Bison have been making a come back in the United States. The article that follows deals with an increase in protected lands for migrating Bison from Yellowstone National Park, providing more good news for a species that was almost lost.

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Some Tips on ‘Green’ Camping

The following link is to an article that offers some tips on environmentally sensitive camping.

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Declining Penguin Numbers Linked to Whales?

The following link is to an article that looks into the decline of Krill and the impact on Penguins. The rising number of Whales is also having an impact on Penguin numbers because of competition for declining Krill.

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Noise Pollution: Squids and Octopuses

The following link is to an article that looks into how noise pollution impacts squids and octopuses. An enlightening article on an issue that is becoming clearer all of the time.

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BP and Dolphin Deaths

The following link is to an article that looks into mass dolphin deaths as a result of the massive BP oil spill in the USA. There is also a link to an online petition.

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The World’s Tallest Tree

The following link is to an article concerning the world’s tallest tree and includes a photo of the previous record holder which is very impressive.

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Cameroon: Western Lowland Gorillas Thriving

There is good news coming out from Cameroon in Africa. The Western Lowland Gorilla population in Deng Deng National Park is thriving.

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Tiger Numbers Increasing???

The jury is still out on the possibility that Tiger numbers are now growing in India. If the Tiger population is growing, it is certainly good news.

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