USA: Florida – Everglades National Park

The following is an article reporting on the threat posed to the Everglades National Park by an introduced species – the Burmese Python.

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Climate Change: Threat to Old Growth Trees

Climate change is emerging as a major threat to old growth forest and old large trees in particular.

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Suriname: More New Species Found

In the South American country of Suriname, some 46 new species have been discovered by science. The link below is to an article on the discoveries.

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Indonesia: Sumatran Elephant Facing Extinction

In Indonesia, the Sumatran Elephant is facing extinction, due to habitat loss. It would seem that is largely due to Palm plantations.

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Species: 2011 – Massive Number of Newly Discovered Species

The number of new species discovered in 2011 was massive. The following article provides a very interesting report on 2011 and the number of new discoveries made.

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131 Years of Climate Change

The following link is to an article concerning a video produced by NASA relating to climate change over the last 131 years – well worth a look.

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Artic: Massive Rise in Freshwater

The amount of freshwater in the Artic is growing. The following article reports on the issue and what is happening in the far north of the globe.

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Australia: Western Australia – More on Gouldian Finches

Australian Geographic has posted an article on the discovery of the breeding colony of Gouldian Finches I mentioned in a post a few days ago ( This article is also worth a read.

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Oceans: Acidity and Pollution

Man made acidity and pollution is having a massive impact on our oceans.

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