Uluru Road Trip

Over the last few years I have planned to travel to Uluru (Northern Territory, Australia) and then those plans have failed reach reality, for a whole bunch of reasons. Now I am planning yet another road trip to Uluru for later this year. I have been before, as part of a much larger trip through the Top End of Australia in 1998, but the time I had available at Uluru was limited to just the one day. This time I am planning a stay of a bit longer than that. So nothing too much to report on the actual planned trip at this stage, except to say that it does appear to be definitely on this time round.

For more information visit:
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National_Park

ABOVE: Uluru at Sunset


2 thoughts on “Uluru Road Trip

  1. Hey, just found this entry – We’re planning to take our LR Defender from Townsville to Kata Tjuta in August or September. Would love to exchange information as you find it! Are you camping or are you more of a hotel traveler?

  2. Hi there,

    Would welcome the exchange of info. I still haven’t settled on an exact date at this stage, though early September is possible.

    I plan to do a bit of camping, though I have been known to stay in the odd motel also – not at the same time obviously. I often take the tent and then find I don’t use it. But this time will probably be more tenting.

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