Drone hobbyists show off their breathtaking aerial shots on Dronestagram


It’s no wonder that humans are fascinated with the bird’s-eye view. High in the sky, even the most immense skyscrapers shrink down to viewable pieces of art, and the tops of buildings turn into a random mosaic pattern. While these images used to be limited to expensive helicopter flyovers done by big-budget Hollywood films, the drone enthusiast community has been capturing photos atop their nimble flying machines for years.

Now there is an online repository to view those high-up sights.


Dronestagram (not to be confused with the political photography project of the same name by James Bridle) is a combination social network and eye candy source for landscapes captured by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Currently in beta, the French website breaks up the UAV-assisted photographs by content — cityscapes, countryscapes, sports, and even “Crazy Stuff” — and also has a place for amateur photographers. Drone photographers can sign in and upload…

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The Beautiful Landscapes of Kaua’i…

Girly Camping®

main pic- landscapes of kauai

I took several pictures of birds, flowers, different plants, trees, and fellow travel mates while vacationing in Kaua’i! But no picture beats the natural beauty of scenery and landscape! Take a look…

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Dominican Republic: Loma Charco Azul Biological Reserve – Clearing Begins

The link below is to an article reporting on land clearing in the Loma Charco Azul Biological Reserve in the Dominican Republic.

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