San Francisco’s Farallon Islands Are Under Seige


Just a few miles off the coast of San Francisco, on a small series of islands known as the Farallons, a difficult decision is being made. As a plague of rodents takes over, the government has decided that its best option is either to shoot poison pellets from a helicopter, or, to do nothing at all.

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, the Farallon Islands are believed to have the densest rodent population in the world. The mice are not native to the island, but are believed to have come over on ships more than 100 years ago.

If the best choices are either doing nothing or dropping poisoned pellets that cause bleeding to death (which is basically how Zyklon B pellets used in Nazi concentration camps worked), then one can only imagine how bad the other contenders were. One plan involved releasing snakes onto the island, so…

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