How Al Gore is using social media to try to change the conversation on climate change


Climate change has a serious communication problem. Will Al Gore be the one to help fix it?

These two lines of thought simultaneously ran through my head as I dialed into a phone interview last week with the former Vice President, who earlier that week had confirmed that he once tried unsuccessfully to buy Twitter and merge it with Current TV (first reported in Nick Bilton’s book). Naturally Gore and his team behind environmental social media effort The Climate Reality Project had an agenda for the interview: to tell me about their third annual 24 Hours of Reality, a live online broadcast that kicks off this Tuesday and which over a 24-hour-period will showcase the local effects of extreme weather and carbon pollution across six continents.

Gore, who’s as congenial as he is media-trained in a phone interview on the topic of climate change, launched the first…

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Australian Bushfires and Climate Change

The video below links the Australian bushfires with climate change. For the latest on the bushfires head over to another of my Blogs at