6 Tips for Night Hiking

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Tips for night hiking

The first time I went night hiking I’ll be honest with you- I was scared! I didn’t want bugs to get me, a bear to see me as a meal, or encounter a crazy woodsman! I was really nervous and didn’t know what to expect! But, like everything else I do, I feel in love and now, a third of when we hike is at night! (Check out my first night hiking experience- The Night Hiker ). But I could have used some tips when I first started so here are some tips for hiking at night:

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A Frequent Backpacker’s Guide to Sleeping on the Trail

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frequent backpackers guide to sleeping on the trail

Has sleeping on the trail always been a challenge for you? Check out the post I wrote for Active.com with 8 tips to sleeping on the trail!

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Australia: NSW – South Solitary Island

The link below is to a media release concerning an eradication program for the House Mouse from South Solitary Island, off Coffs Harbour in NSW, Australia.

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Australia: El Nino Threat Easing

There is increasing good news as far as drought conditions are concerned in Australia, with the threat of an approaching El Nino diminishing.

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