Baby red crabs continue to return

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Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach | Image credit Julie Graham

Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach | Image credit Julie Graham Oh, baby! Image credit Julie Graham

Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach | Image credit Julie Graham Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach | Image credit Julie Graham

Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach | Image credit Julie Graham Baby red crabs on Dolly Beach | Image credit Julie Graham

The  baby red crabs are still returning to Christmas Island – The Cove has been busy with bubs, as well as east coast beaches Dolly Beach, Greta Beach, Ethel Beach and the resort beach.

These fantastic images from Dolly Beach show the spectacular scenes.

The babies will make their way to the forest to mature. In three years they’ll be ready to take part in the migration themselves!

Mike, Christmas Island National Park

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Dolphin-Eating Sharks Close Australian Beaches for 7 Days Straight


Two great white sharks have been spotted in the waters of Newcastle, Australia, prompting officials to shut down the beaches for seven consecutive days.

The sharks, one estimated around three meters long, the other five meters, have been spotted chasing, attacking and feeding on dolphins, whose carcasses now float in the water and wash up on shore.

Newcastle City Council announced that it is “not safe for anyone to be in the water,” and will not re-open the beaches again until at least 24 hours have passed since the last sighting.

[The Sydney Morning Herald]

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A Bad Day for Climate Change Deniers … And the Planet


It’s not often that the climate change deniers get clobbered three times in just two days. But that’s what happened with the release of a trio of new studies that ought to serve as solid body blows to the fading but persistent fiction that human-mediated warming is somehow a hoax. Good news for the forces of reason, however, is bad news for the planet—especially the oceans.

The most straightforward of the three studies was a report from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirming what a lot of people who sweltered through 2014 already suspected: the year is entering the record books as the hottest ever since reliable records started being kept in 1880—and the results weren’t even close.

Average global surface temperature worldwide was 58.24º F (14.58º C)—surpassing previous records set in 2005 and 2007—and making 2014 a full 2º F (1.1º C) hotter than the…

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These Travel Instagram Accounts Will Inspire Extreme Wanderlust


Toronto native Tom Ryaboi—better known by his Instagram handle @roof_topper—has “been on more roofs than Santa Claus,” shooting gorgeous, vertigo-inducing skyline images. He and other rooftoppers worldwide have gained notoriety and sizable followings for Instagramming from buildings, bridges, and other urban sites that are sometimes off limits.

They’re part of a bigger trend of Instagrammers who seek out extreme vantage points, whether sharing a selfie taken on the head of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue or shooting from the ocean itself as lava enters the water and a wave crests. The artists hail from all ends of the creative spectrum: hipsters who dare to sneak into subway tunnels or abandoned theaters as well as established pros who got their start at magazines. (It’s even been reported that a few pilots have Instagrammed from the cockpit.)

“Instagram is the new portfolio,” says National Geographic photographer Chad Copeland

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