Handsome males hanging out at Booderee

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Male variegated fairy-wrens Male variegated fairy-wrens | Image by Chris Grounds

VFW (2) Male variegated fairy-wrens at Booderee National Park | Image by Chris Grounds

VFW (3) The male variegated fairy-wrens kept a close eye on one another | Image by Chris Grounds

Erowal Bay resident Chris Grounds had a treat when he spotted and photographed these variegated fairy wrens in Booderee National Park. The birds were part of a small flock of at least nine birds, mostly ‘Jennies’ or females. Chris said the two males were acting more like ‘great chums rather than competing males!’

No doubt the females were impressed with the boys’ spectacular ‘theatre masks’ and purple and rufous trimming. The males certainly seemed very happy to show off their wares.

It’s not unusual to see this species in Booderee although they are less common and less well known than the popular superb fairy wren. The unusual part of the encounter was to see the…

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