December 2020

A Fresh Start

2020 has been quite a year here in Australia. The end of the worst bushfire season on record was followed (even before the bushfires ended) by the COVID-19 pandemic (which thankfully Australia has been spared the worst). Less importantly 2020 also brought about the end of my websites (due to prohibitive costs and Increases in those costs) and the move to Facebook Pages. Now Facebook Pages have dropped ‘notes,’ which means Facebook Pages are no longer of great use to me as a substitute for a website. So what to do?

Now I have decided to move my websites to WordPress – which was something I had originally considered, but for some reason went to Facebook instead (a poor decision in hindsight).

A new page from the Blog will be called the ‘Wilderness Hub.’ This page will operate as the home page for my new ‘Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys’ website. This will develop over time and will continue to be updated with new content well into the future on an ongoing basis.

Visit the Wilderness Hub at:

Facebook Page

My intention is to continue to maintain the Facebook Page, which I will use for everyday posts, updates, etc. Visitors to my websites, social network presence, etc, can continue to communicate and interact with me via the Facebook Page.

Also, much more content can be ‘curated’ there than I can post here, including content I find useful from all over the Web relating to bushwalking, camping and wilderness, which I think maybe of interest to others also.

Blog posts will continue to be forwarded to the Facebook Page also, allowing another convenient way for followers to keep up to date.

Please visit my new website, which is a Facebook Page at: