Australia: New South Wales – National Parks Whale Watching App

Media Release: Collection of Firewood

The link below is to a media release from the NPWS of NSW concerning the collection of firewood.

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Media Release: NPWS to review Glenrock Track Closures

Planned track closures in Glenrock State Conservation Area have stopped and will be reviewed following public outcry. The link below is to a media release on the issue.

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Australia: New South Wales – Kosciuszko National Park

The link below is to a media release concerning the Easter Long Weekend in Kosciusko National Park. There a some real twits out there.

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Australia: New South Wales – Cane Toad Hunt

March 30 is Toad Busting Day at Brooms Head

The link below is to a media release concerning a joint effort by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and the Clarence Valley Conservation in Action Landcare Group (CVCIA) in seeking to stop the spread of Cane Toads at Brooms Head. March 30 is Cane Toad Busting night at Brooms Head.

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Australia: New South Wales – Cullunghutti Aboriginal Area

The NSW government has announced the formal gazettal of the Cullunghutti Aboriginal Area near Nowra. This area, protected under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, protects a culturally significant area of some 67 hectares.

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