Article: Australia – Queensland

Dugong Numbers Falling

The following link is to an article reporting on the falling numbers of Dugongs off the Queensland coast.

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Australia: Climate Change Catch-Up

The link below is to an article reporting on Australia and climate change. The article is particularly concerned with how we are falling behind in the battle against climate change.

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Australia: Western Australia – Carnaby’s Cockatoo Numbers Declining Fast

The following article reports on the rapidly falling numbers of Carnaby’s Cockatoo in Western Australia, Australia.

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Cameroon: Bouba Ndjida National Park – Ivory Poaching

The Cameroon government has a crisis on its hands, with an increase in the number of elephants being killed for their ivory. The elephant population in Cameroon is falling and the elephant may soon be lost to the country. There is thought to be less than 5000 elephants left in the country – with as few as 1000 elephants a possibility.

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