French Guiana: Guiana Amazonian Park Gold Mine

The link below is to an article reporting on a gold mine that has been approved for French Guiana’s Guiana Amazonian Park.

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Panama: New Snake Species Discovered

The link below is to an article reporting the discovery of a new snake species in Panama, which has been named as a protest to a new mine in that country.

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Australia: We Have Mining Issues

The link below is to an article that reports on plans for a mega mine in Australia.

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Mountain Maid Goldmine Reopened

The historic Mountain Maid Goldmine in the Copeland Tops State Conservation Area has reopened to the public. The historic site near Gloucester has been extensively redeveloped and reopened on Friday the 15/10/2010. Free tours are available on Sunday as part of an open day. For more information on the mine that is located near Gloucester and the Barrington Tops National Park, contact NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.