Australia Wild: Issue 001 – May 2014

I have recently begun to use Flipboard to develop an online newspaper dealing with Australian wilderness news. It is really a curation web application that does a very good job. I plan to create a monthly issue of what I call ‘Australia Wild.’

The current issue can be found at:
Australia Wild: Issue 001 – May 2014

The archive (along with other online newspapers and magazines I have developed using Flipboard) can be found at:



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So I was right about my day when I spoke of it yesterday. Not a lot going on today, so today’s post will be more about yesterday. I hope that makes perfect sense to everyone – it sounded even worse with the original way I was going to write it (I was trying to be clever, so went for simplicity in the end).

Bombah Point Ferry

The Punt at Bombah Point On the Punt

On the Punt

To get to Bulahdelah from Hole in the Wall, you need to go via Bombah Point and the ferry service there. I guess you could also call it a punt. Many people still call it that. Anyhow, as the pictures show, it doesn’t cover a great distance. How much is the charge for this journey – at the moment it’s $5.00 AU. Seems a little excessive for something that’s over in less than 5 minutes. Still, there is a…

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Yacaaba Headland Walk

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I ran out of time yesterday to post about my walk up Yacaaba Headland and how I only just avoided being in a storm that was moving in. So today (it’s actually the 27th July 2012 as I type away) I must get two days of posts done, even if I slip this one in back in time, so to speak (as you can with the post time when posting).

BrunchSo I decided to do the Yacaaba Headland walk just before lunch and had lunch in the carpark, while reading the paper. Nothing too healthy – I tend to eat far too much junk when I’m on holidays. So it was a bacon & egg roll, as well as a couple of potato scallops and some chips (and coke of course) See Picture at Left. It was really brunch and I needed the energy boost to accomplish the walk. Sounds…

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In the Wild: Twitter Article Newspaper

I have a Twitter newspaper that has been going for quite a while now. The newspaper publishes all the articles posted in my Twitter news feed and updates automatically. This particular newspaper follows my WildernessKev Twitter account, which contains news articles relevant to this Blog, the Kevin’s Wilderness Journeys website and various other articles posted by those I follow – environmentalist sites, conservation sites, etc.

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