Madagascar: Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur

The link below is to an article on the newly discovered Lavasoa Dwarf Lemur in Madagascar and the news that it is rapidly heading toward extinction.

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Article: South America – Patagonian Glaciers Melting Rapidly

As elsewhere, climate change is having a massive impact on glaciers throughout Patagonia in South America. The link below is to an article that reports on the glacial melt under way there.

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Greenland: Natural Resources Exploitation Rapidly Advancing

The article below reports on the opening up of Greenland for oil and mining exploration.

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Article: Australia – Old Bar Under Threat

The link below is to an article reporting on coastal erosion at Old Bar, New South Wales, Australia. This town is just up the coast from where I live. It is a similar situation to Winda Woppa, which is only a suburb away from me. During intense storms the ocean erodes the sandy coastline rapidly and homes are increasingly at threat from storm surges.

The article below suggests that the situation at Old Bar is being caused by sea level rises as a consequence of climate change. This is the sort of reporting that is bringing a lot of discredit to climate change advocates, as it is not an honest report on the actual situation being reported on. I would not dispute that climate change is bringing us more severe weather events and this is certainly increasing pressure on coastal areas like Old Bar and Winda Woppa – but it is not sea level rises that is the problem. Factual and honest reporting is what is needed.

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Tibet: Majority of Plateau Glaciers Retreating Rapidly

The link below is to an article on glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau. These glaciers are retreating at ever increasing rates.

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Antarctica: Penguin Population Collapsing

The article below reports on the rapidly declining Penguin population in Antarctica. 

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