Australia: Great Barrier Reef

Pesticide Use a Threat to the Reef

The link below is to an article on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and threat posed to it by the pesticide diuron being used within reach of the reef. A 3 month ban has now ended and spraying can resume with a number of restrictions imposed.

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Holiday Planning

It is time to start planning my next holiday. First step in the process was to settle on a date for it – this has been done and I have booked in two weeks annual leave for it.

The second stage is now to establish a location for the holiday. I’m toying with a couple of ideas at the moment. The first is to travel to Cathedral Rocks National Park and do some walks in that area. The second idea is to do some overnight walks through the Myall Lakes National Park through to the Gloucester area. I ruled out the possibility of travelling to the red centre due to rental car restrictions, so it is down to these two possibilities at this stage. I am leaning towards the latter at this stage however.