The untold story of deforestation: Slothageddon


When a stretch of forest in Suriname was slatted to be cleared in October 2012, Monique Pool, a known sloth caretaker, was asked if she could take in the 14 displaced sloths. Of course she said yes (or she would have faced the wrath of a jealous internet).

A machine operator slowly pushed over trees as Pool and a team of volunteers rushed about picking up the sloths that fell out of the canopy. As 14 quickly turned to 200, the sloth lover’s dream come true became the ultimate nightmare: slothageddon (Pool’s word, not mine).

From BBC News:

Sloths were hanging everywhere — from the trees in her back garden, from the bars on the living room window, and anything else they would hold on to. “Two female adults sat on the TV stand and the babies would climb up the matriarchs.” One very young sloth, known as Lola, would pop up in the strangest places…

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Suriname: More New Species Found

In the South American country of Suriname, some 46 new species have been discovered by science. The link below is to an article on the discoveries.

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