No one had seen this funky-looking endangered ox in the wild for 15 years


The saola, a “long-horned ox” that looks, basically, like a deer that got vanilla ice cream all over its face, is really, really good at not being seen by humans. Or, at least, the type of humans who like to categorize and report sightings of rare, wild animals.

The saola first showed up on conservationists’ radar in 1992, when it was “the first large mammal new to science in more than 50 years,” says the Guardian. But the last time anyone reported seeing one in the wild was in 1999. In 2010, according to the WWF, a group of Vietnamese people captured one, but it died quickly. Conservationists know enough about the saola to say it’s probably not doing so hot in the wild, but not enough to say exactly how many there are in the world — could be hundreds, could be dozens. But no matter…

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Saola Found in Laos Sadly Died in captivity

Being the size that it is, it is hard to believe that Saolas are rarely seen. Not only is it rarely seen, but the Saola was only discovered in 1992. The Saola is best described as a large antelope-like creature.

The Saola lives in the mountains of the Laos and Vietnam border region.

One of these rare Saolas was captured by Laotian villagers in August 2010 and sadly died in captivity.

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